MX Player - One to Play Them All

MX Player has always been my first video player of choice in every single Android device I've ever owned.
Not only does it play everything I throw at it, it has an easy and very user friend UI with more options than you could ever want.

Read on to find out why MX Player deserves a spot in my App drawer.

MX Player always updates to support the latest version of Android within the first week, where others have lagged behind. It also provides countless options, including my personal favorite option to allow software decoding. Enabling Software decoding may decrease the video quality, but it allows for fast buffing to ensure when streaming online, I can skip ahead with nearly zero buff delay amongst other options.

Should you happen to have a device or throw a video that's not supported straight out of the gate, additional codecs are also available for download to enhance your viewing experience.

Everything is controlled with a swipe of your finger... annnd... maybe toes if you want as well.

Simple tasks of controlling brightness manually, skipping scenes, or adjusting the volume is a simple drag of your finger away. You can even lock the controls so a special gesture is required to reveal them, which makes for a great child friendly video player.

Nearly everything is tweakable to ensure you'll always have the video player you want. Whether you like to have all your controls up front and personal, or all of them tucked away for an unobstructed view even while accessing various options, MX Player gives you full control to decide.

Best thing about MX Player is that it's totally FREE. Of course there's an ad banner within the app, but it doesn't obstruct the viewing experience when videos are playing. You can however opt for a paid adfree version if you so wish to support the developer as I did.

So the next time you're about the play that movie on your Android, I highly recommend trying MX Player.

Get it on Google Play