Light Flow - Controlling your LED

Light Flow is an amazing little app created by Reactle that allows you to take control over the LED and many other features of your phone. If you're running a Nexus device, this is especially useful.

Light Flow allows you to control the blink rate of your LED as well as the color if your phone has a multi-colored LED like the Nexus does. It displays each app that has a notification option and lets you configure each one with its own blinking speed, color, and brightness. Even system events such as low battery and no signal.

It has other options such as managing your systems volume levels, and even having them change or go silent at set time of the night. No more annoying Email sounds at night if you forget to silence your phone. However, most people get Light Flow for the LED control.

Light Flow recently updated to support Google's new OS 4.4 Kitkat. So no matter if you're rockin' the older Galaxy Nexus or the newest Nexus 5, Light Flow has got you covered. You'll always know what notification is waiting for you.

You can find the Paid limitless version below. There's a free version as well...but you don't want that...right?

Get it on Google Play