Free Chromecast from Puleen Patel [Giveaway]

Hey everybody, have you heard how awesome some of our readers are?  Well, they are.  Here's another prime example.  +Puleen Patel contacted us and just wants to give one of our readers a free Chromecast.

Now, if you've been in the Android game as long as I have, you'll have recognized the name Puleen Patel... Puleen had been one of that crucial group in the early days of Android device in Canada and pushing to get our updates.  He sat on the Rogers Android Customer's panel and has even helped found the AndroidTO conference.

(especially funny is reading the comments on this post...  you can see Puleen make some retorts!)

It was the only reason I joined twitter at the time so I could follow him and the others who were fighting the fight at the time.

The dude knows a good Android device when he sees it, and he wants one of you to have a Chromecast.

And here's how you can win.  Just tell us WHY you should win.  As he put it:

give it away to someone who comes up with a compelling and creative reason why they need it

Simple enough.  Just write your reasons below in the comments, and don't forget to tag +Puleen Patel so he can see your entry as he'll be picking the winner!

Oh, and as he's paying the shipping, only Canadian addresses please.

We'll announce the recipient at the next Sunday Afternoon Hangout show (November 17th)!

Might want to throw a circle around him, or check out his site over at