Oppo wants MEMS to help you take the best picture

For those of you out there who are truly waiting for some spectacular photos from their cellphone, it looks like the wait might soon be over.

Way back at MWC Digital Optics brought to the their booth some of the first prototypes of a new lens module using something called MEMS, or micro electro mechanical system.  More on this below.

Well, today +OPPO announced a partnership of sorts with Digital Optics to produce devices with the MEMS camera module.  Hrmm... the Find 6 maybe?

We've seen from +Sivan Rehan the quality of their N1, and if you've watched +Armando Ferreira before, you'll see he's really liked the Find 5.

With Oppo partnering with +CyanogenMod for their N1 and beyond, I think this definitely a company to watch in the next little while.

So, first, what is MEMS?

Watch this video from +Engadget that explains how the MEMs module works and shows it compared to conventional focusing.

I think it's really cool, and essentially lets you make your own 'lytro' style photos.

Are you excited?

Source:  http://www.doc.com/Company/Pages/PressDetails.aspx?releaseID=795758