#TipoftheWeek - Easter egg every Android device has inside

As I've been at the schools and even when I'm 'abassadoring' in the US, I tend to see more and more Android devices.  That warms the cockles of my heart.  And if there's one thing I do to show them, if I have the time, it's the easter egg.

So that's this week's #TipoftheWeek.  How to bring up the Easter Egg... apparently not many people know it exists, let alone how to get it to appear.  The cool thing is it works on just about ANY Android device (I've yet to run in to any that it hasn't worked on), and every different 'codename' for Android provides a unique egg result.

To bring up the easter egg, go into the SETTINGS / ABOUT PHONE

Your phone may be different.  For my Nexus I bring down the notification shade, click settings and go to the bottom.

For LG I have to side scroll over to General tab, then go to the bottom

From there, just look for text that says which Android version and tap it repeatedly.  LG I had to hit "Software Information" in order to see which Android version.

Once you've tapped it a few times, you'll be presented with a screen showing the icon for that version's 'treat'.  Hold down on it for another treat.  (in these cases a jelly bean, and then the bean flinger field)

If you were on 4.0.x you would get Ice Cream sandwich and then be presented with NYANDROID

For 3.x you'd get this Bee Android

For 2.3.x you'd get Gingerbread, and this snappy picture of a zombie android

I'm excited to see what egg the KitKat version will have!