Sunday Afternoon Hangout #52 [video]

Time to get caught up if you missed our show on the weekend.  It was our 52nd event ... which means 1 year of getting together.

Just a bit of history (it's covered in the video as well), but a year ago +Tom Gray+Mark Lastiwka and I (+Ryan Moore) were writing for the +Android in Canada Blog and we had quite the following back then.  We had one follower, +Sylvain Le Bourhis, who really pushed us to get together on these new Hangouts and chat Android.  It took a few tries before we sort of got the hang of what to do.  Then we formalized it into the first ever "Friday Night Hangout"  (you can see a listing of all the previous hangouts on our page here).

After a while we decided to move ourselves onto our own project and we continued with the hangouts.  We've met tons of new people ( +Brandon Starcevic+Cass Morrison+Sivan Rehan, +Mike Wallace, etc...), and we're continuing to grow.  Thanks to everybody for tuning in over the last 52 episodes, and here's to the next 52... and many more.

2013-10-27 Sunday Afternoon Hangout #52 / Event Link / MP3 / MP4

Should you want to ever join in our hangout shows, let us know; we love having new fresh faces!