Sony Z Ultra launched on Bell and Sony Store

Sweet!  I'm loving the look of this device.  It's big, and you can use anything as a stylus.

I'll get to play with one shortly as +AndroidTO is giving one away during the conference (fingers crossed that this blogger wins).  But if you want to go grab one now, Bell and the Sony Store have it in.  (preorder on the Sony Store)

Bell has it listed at $800 outright, or $250 on a plan.

However, the story gets better as you can buy it from the Sony Store for $750, PLUS it's unlocked.

As Ben Affleck would say that's wicked awesome!  Also, the Z1 makes its ways to shelves as well (check out +Mark Lastiwka's article for more information).

Are you excited for this 6.5" water resistant device?  I sure am!

Check below for the list of full Canadian Android devices and their prices (as seen on our database page)