Revisit - Next Launcher 3D

Since my jump in the early days of Next Launcher 3D I've been around the block for a few others in terms of "look and feel". Themer took up a storm just a few weeks ago and still now people are flocking to it.

Granted Next Launcher 3D isn't for everyone and with a price tag nearing the 16$ mark, who would blame you? This hasn't stopped people from actually buying it. There's been between 100 000 to 500 000 people that have. They can't all be crazy.

There's been lots of improvement since it's first release and now there's the 3D engine added to it. This is giving it quite some flare!

I plan to do quite a changes as well and see how this will workout. Right now will take a look at the outlined changes from the Google Play Store:

1. (New) 3D mode themes (3D mode -> Menu-> Theme)
2 (Improved) More fluid and more smooth for the operation
3 (Fixed) Some FC bugs

These are the latest for the launcher. Pretty standard but what I'll focus on is 3D Mode.

This is just a basic put together but I'm aiming at refining the look of it. I haven't seen any ability to change the way the icons really but I plan on looking further and seeing what I can change and what I can't.

As you can see, the home screen appears to be cylindrical in nature and hovers over a platform. If I flicker to switch screen, it will animate itself and feature the spinning 3D platform whisking the icons away. It's pretty cool if you like all these animation and sparkles. (Yes I like fluffy, fuzzy and shiny).

At this time in this 3D mode there isn't lost of options. I can't change specific icons but I do have the ability to change the overhaul theme. In this instance you'd have to find a theme that supports the 3D mode. Some of my earlier theme don't work with the 3D mode. Hopefully support or updated version of these will follow up.

As you can see for yourself these are the options which within each of them there's maybe 1 to 3 others choices. Somewhat limited at the moment. I expected that in a BETA. A lot of the newer themes actually cost between 1$ and 3$ so this would make it even more expensive on top of the initial cost.

It's just a matter of time before I actually fork more coins to get the look and feel I want unless I can find other alternative but I really don't mind it.

The screen settigns offers the usual hide status bar, hide icon labels and then icon base style which gives you 2 options either 3D or 2D. There's the walpaper settings and this really concludes the settings for the home screen.

The dock settings gives you the choices of how many docks you'll have and a loop mode. Somewhat plain as a lot of us customize the dock severely which leads be to jump to the app drawer settings which offers some options such as the grid size, the app labels and transition.

You do have some gesture settings but for myself I'm missing my "swipe up" for my App Drawer and unfortunately it's not one of the settings I can choose. This really concludes the 3D aspect of the newest added feature. It would be best to find a suitable theme that you like and apply it, it would probably bring you some sweet animation.