Next Issue Canada offers 60 day free trial for Rogers Customers

How to get unlimited access to over 100 magazines on your Android Tablet using your MyRogers username and password.

I always had a love hate relationship with the Next Issue Android app. Next Issue is an app with a selection of more than 100 magazines. Until this month, the app was only available in the US. As I receive some magazines to my US address, I am able to get a free digital copy with my paper subscriptions. This is why I love this app. And unfortunately, almost the only reason.

What I don't like about Next Issue is that it is very laggy, buggy and slow to update to be compatible with the latest Android versions. Whenever I updated my tablet, I lost the app’s functionality for few months. Currently, it is still not compatible with Android 4.3 on the new Nexus 7 (coming in few weeks according to NextIssue).

In addition to offering a free digital copy of a magazine to print subscribers, Next Issue offers an unlimited magazine access plan for $9.99 a month for monthly publications; or $14.99 for both monthly and weekly publications.

On Oct. 15, Rogers launched Next Issue Canada and offered its customers free access to all the magazines until the official launch on Dec. 15. To take advantage of this offer simply download the app from the Play Store and log in using your MyRogers username and password.

Sounds easy, right? Well, for me it wasn't that easy… When I tried to log in I received an error message saying “Unable to Connect”. Thankfully, Next Issue has great customer service with live chat on their website. The agent recognized the problem right away: if you previously had a US Next Issue account, you need to make sure that your US Next Issue account is completely different than your MyRogers username AND associated email address.

In order to solve this conflict, follow the following steps:

1. Go to
2. Login with your US account credentials
3. After successful login the site will redirect you to, and then the IP redirect will kick you over to
4. At that point you should point your browser to
5. Once on that page you should be able to update your email address, which will change your US login to that address.

After signing in, you can choose which magazines to add to your library and which to download automatically when new issues become available. There’s an offline viewing option as well, which is perfect for traveling.

In spite of all the bugs and issues I have with the app, it offers a good selection of high quality digital publications and I recommend using it. If you are a Rogers Customer, take advantage of the offer and enjoy your reading.