MySMS - Review

The days of us using our phones as... well... phones are pretty much behind us in todays times. The majority of the users have taken to texting and other social means of contact with their friends, opting out of the more personal phone call. It's only natural we find a service to help get the best of our situations. MySMS is ready for that task.

These are pictures from my Nexus 7 tablet.
You run the MySMS app on your phone and setup your account, it'll then register to the Google account of your choice. Afterwords you download the same MySMS app on another device such as another phone or tablet and it'll also sync to your Google account.

Once you've registered two or more devices, they'll talk to each other via your Google account and MySMS server and keep each other in sync. I have my Nexus 7 tablet in my hands, and though my phone is in the other room, I'm able to send a receive text messages on my tablet.

The initial launch of MySMS takes about a minute to sync all your contacts and previous message. After the initial sync, your new messages and past conversations are synced to all your devices in just a second or two. Also if you look at the pictures above, you'll notice a green bar on the left side of some of the names in my contact list. This means these users also use MySMS, and you'll be able to text them via data connection rather than your carrier network. This is very useful if you're texting outside of your allowed region or have a limited texting plan.

There's a 30 day free trial without restrictions, but to continue using after 30 days you'll have to purchase a license for $5.

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