Humble Bundle (with Android) 7

Cool cool!  The next iteration of Humble Bundle is out, and it includes some Android games in it this time.

Six mind-blowing games for home and on the go. Humble Bundle with Android 7 includes six brilliant games ready to play on four platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. DRM-free soundtracks are also available for select games. Pay what you want for the time-honored favorite, Ticket to Ride, the tactical turn-based game, Greed Corp, the lovable limb-sprouting game Incredipede, and the 2-D adventure puzzler Anodyne. If you pay more than the average you’ll also get worm-on-worm violence in Worms Reloaded (includes mobile counterpart Worms 2: Armageddon) and the hilarious and raunchy role-playing game, The Bard’s Tale.

You know the drill, pay what you want, but pay more than the average and you get the bonuses! Right now it's set at $6.33.  Not bad for 6 games you can play on Android or your PC.  And they're pretty cool looking games.  Worms, being my favourite.  I own it already, but to also get the PC version, it's worth it alone.