#TipoftheWeek - Cleaning up Gmail

I love Gmail, it was one of the services that when I finally switched to it I thought... wow, how had I operated before?

The new HOLO version of Gmail is pretty nice (but we're still missing group emailing and rich text editing, but I digress).  One of the features is it incorporates your contact photo in the email list.  It can look like this:

That's not too bad if you have a lot of your friend's email you, but for those 'one offs' you may not have a photo for them, so it could look pretty plain.  It fills in the photo spot with the first letter of their email address.

So, what if you don't have many contacts photos, or you just want it to look the old way?  Well that's this week's #TipoftheWeek, as discussed during the Friday Night Hangout.

Here's a contrast of how my inbox for the Android coliseum account looks like.

Lots of "PR" contacts and other service emails that have no 'photo'.  So it looks kinda plain and well... horrible.  So to set it back, just go into the Settings / General Settings and untick the 'sender image'

 Voila, back to 'clean' (depending on your definition of clean).