QuickOffice ready for all! [and bonus storage]

Up until recently, QuickOffice was only free on Android if a) you bought a Nexus (it'd be pre-installed) or if you grabbed the "Google Apps" edition.

Well Google bought the company a while ago and now we're starting to see the fruits of this acquisition and how it might really enhance their online productivity suite.

Google announced the app will be now free!

With a new app logo and better integration with Google Drive, Google wants you to use this service to replace your "Microsoft Office" for your device.

Currently as a free download (used to be $15) the service is still similar as how I showed it to you a few months back when I reviewed "office alternates" for Android, except it has a very 'holo' facelift.

To spur you on to using this FREE service, versus another (personally I'm still liking OfficeSuite) they're going to give you 10GB of Drive storage free for 2 years when you sign in.

Not bad... 10GB can be a lot of storage, nearly infinite if you use Google Doc formats (as they don't count).  The only issue I have with the app currently is that it only 'accesses' your Drive folders, so you can see and view your files, just not edit them.  But I'm sure that's coming.

Get it on Google Play

Source:  http://googledrive.blogspot.ca/2013/09/freeing-quickoffice-for-everyone.html