Moto X camera update coming!

If you read +Tom Gray's review of the Moto X, or mine, you'll see that we both liked the device... a lot.  Excepting the camera it was a very well rounded phone in every respect.

Just that darn camera.  Even the Galaxy Nexus was slightly better.

Well, just as Tom was mentioning in one of our hangouts it looks like there is a software fix a comin'.

The update seems to be rolling out to the TMobile version (according to AnandTech).

Hopefully this means that that update will make its way to other carriers - and Rogers doesn't drag their feet.

You can check out AnandTech's review of before and after photos (I have it embedded below - I hope it works).  I can't say for sure it's "better" in the first case, but their second, I did like.

Taken from:
Moto X Updated: ISO 160, 1/2128s