Customize your home screen - LiteCub3

Today I'm in a techno/house mood and with that taken into account. I redid my home screen design. This is an original. I'm listening at the same time to R3AB podcast 49 which helps with my creative mood.

Launcher : Nova
Grid size 12x6
No width or height margins
No search bar
No shawdow
Home screen? You decide
Scroll Effect none
Wallpaper scrolling none
No Icon labels
Widget overlap ON
Overlap when placing ON


Enable Dock ON
Dock Style OFF
Dock Pages 1
Width margin MEDIUM
Dock Height LARGE
Dock as Overlay ON

Look and Feel

Color Theme SKY BLUE
Icon Theme Futurounds
Icon Size 100%
Show Notification Bar OFF

Gesture and Buttons

Swipe Down Expand Notifications
Double Tap Nova Settings

That's it for the launcher.

Now if you've added the Futuround theme for your icons, then you'll have the same look and feel.

As much as I'd like to give you the icon set I actually paid for it. You may as well do the same.

Next step configuring the the screen

Time and Date : HD Widget with Colorform theme

Events: Custom UCCW :

Weather Bar: HD Widget Colorform theme

At the bottom for the dock I've configure a Zooper Widget which acts as an overlay the reason behind this is because the usual Dock overlay in Nova Launcher is higher then what you'd see on the screen leaving a larger gap.

Dock overlay:

To setup the dock overlay you need Zooper Widget installed.

Open Zooper at least once and close it
Grab the dock overlay file in dropbox and then copy it to your phone ZooperWidget/Templates/LightCube/

As long as you put this in your templates section on the phone under a folder you'll be ok.

Add Zooper Widget Select a 6x1 widget click on the newly added widget. Click on Templates Saved on SD card and select the Dock. Resize it and position it at the bottom of your screen. You may want to play with the opacity of it and color.

Create shortcuts for your apps on the bar at the bottom. Phone, Txt msg, Settings, Camera and Internet.

The icons CAN EASILY be changed. Click on the icon and HOLD your finger on it until you get a menu with Edit, Remove, App Info. If you click on Edit you'll be allowed to change the name and as well the icon it represents.

I've included the docks icons and the wallpaper:

The goal for this theme was to make it so simple that ANY ONE with an Android phone would be able to follow.