Black Inverted Google Android Apps - Team Black Out

I've posted a few times in the past about keeping your apps looking sexy by inverting them. Thanks to a group calling themselves Team Black Out it's even easier to keep your apps inverted and looking as great as they can be.

Inverting your apps, making them utilize black backgrounds rather than the standard white ones has many benefits. Most of the benefits come from phones that have an AMOLED screen like many Samsung phones and the latest Moto X. AMOLED screens only light the pixels needed to display your picture, therefore the blacks are true black and power saved. Not to mention more enjoyable night time reading.

Team Black Out released an app called Team Black Out Updater made be a developer that has been in the game for a long time, and I've actually featured his work many times on +Android Coliseum and our former blog +Android in Canada Blog his name is Rujelus22.

This app gives you a large collection of inverted apps that are constantly updated on this app. No more searching through blogs and websites for the latest inverts, they'll all be posted right here in Team Black Out.

Root Access is Required to use many of these inverted apps, so keep that in mind when installing these. Because you're installing 3rd party apps, you'll no longer get OTA updates through the Google Play Store for the apps you've installed manually. If by chance you get an OTA update and install it, it'll overwrite your inverted one and you'll be stuck with the standard white again. Disabling Auto-Update in the Google Play Store can help fix this issue.

Don't be too worried about not getting OTA updates from the Google Play Store, as Team Black Out's app will inform you when they push out an updated version to your installed apps.

Installing these results in total beauty, as you can see above.

As always when it comes to flashing any kind of modifications, we here at +Android Coliseum highly recommend you Make a Backup. Not everything always goes as planned.

Until next time folks... Keep those apps inverted and sexy!