[APP] Digg news reader - What do you think?

Lately we've seen some prospect for new readers on your Android devices since the demise of the Google reader. There have been plenty of options that have been available, who become available who are now available. In this line of application Digg's has recently launched their own news aggregation application.

The first thing I was looking for when I installed it was to change this to a black theme but that's not an option at this stage. I'm sure that it will be added eventually. Bright white on a phone are tablet can be hard on the eyes from time to time.

Outside of the noted above personal opinion, I do like the feel of the application.

Take a look at the left side pane and you'll see the options that you have. The usual; "Top Stories" which are pulled from Digg's website. I have linked my Google account and Facebook account, you could also link your twitter account which I haven't done.

Now comes adding your content. Simply clicking the + sign and browsing and or searching for your news feed is very easy to do. Just take a look at what I've done from my end:

All of this is fairly easy and I don't think anyone that uses an Android device would have any trouble to get started. The app is in itself very clean, slick and easy to use.

If you've been or are a Digg fan this will completely please you. Since Digg was bought by a startup called Collective Betaworks, they've relaunched the website with a brand new design, RSS reader, iPhone app and Android app. A lot of people have noticed that the traffic to Digg's site has been slowly increasing and they've been getting good reviews overall.