Your camera phone shots are about to get a TON better

Okay, super bad grammar in the title, but I'm really stoked about something like this... we discussed it in one of our past Hangouts, and the old DSLR geek in me (it's been a few years) plus my Android nerd-self are having puppies in my brain over it.

It's a lens you attach to your phone.  Well, connect via NFC.  Essentially the lens has all the glass, CMOS sensors etc, and takes the picture, then transmits it to your phone.

This takes the Galaxy Camera up a notch... turning it to 11.  The DSC-QX10 and QX100

It will apparently work with either NFC or Wifi and will have it's own SD card slot.  Neat.  Now, a bit of caution -- this is just a 'rumour' at the moment.

The ultra neat thing about this is that if you don't want to lug it around with you... leave it at home.

If you know you're going somewhere where you want great photos, keep it in your pocket (I'm assuming there's some carrying case for it) and you'll have it at the ready.  Much better than a camera bag for a mid range camera.

Recently I asked you how your phone was helping you enjoy the summer.  Most of you said "camera", and I know that +Sylvain Le Bourhis HIGHLY values a good camera for his devices.

This lets you have the phone you want (I'm hoping it'll work with any NFC device, and is just controlled via an app you install) and then have a great camera for it.

The QX100 will look to be a 20.2MP lens with Zeiss glass!  mmmm  The QX10 will have a 10x zoom with 18MP.