What do you think? Are these Way Cool Apps?

just a portion of my many apps
Currently I have 118 apps on my phone.  We did a survey a while back about how many apps you had - and the average then was 90.4.  Part of what I asked in that survey was whether they were 'unique' or 'hoarder' apps.

A little while ago friend of mine thought I'd be very interested in this speech / conference / talk she went to.  I think it was social media, but the part she thought I'd like was about his discussion on "Way Cool Apps".  So she brought me the resource.

I gave it a good look through, and I have some opinions.  What are yours?  It was made by +James Spellos over at http://www.scoop.it/t/way-cool-tools - I just went and made it a Google Doc

(see embedded database below).

Now, there's some Android ones I couldn't find the play link for, and others (like TweetDeck are gone now).  Then there's others that really would you need them if

Android makes up 86% of this list (i.e. 86% of those listed are compatible) and 15% are Android exclusive.

Which do you have installed?  Which have you tried?  Something in there for our #appcoliseum picks?

I kinda don't agree to say that 'these are the way cool ones' when you list several of them for the same service, like instapaper, flipboard, zite, etc... Just pick one!