WeatherSignal a crowdsourcing weather app

All sorts of applications are coming out for the social butterfly in all of us. Well this one might be a bit different. It's WeatherSignal and it uses the information provided by your peers also known as crowdsourcing.

The idea behind this format is to be able to get a descent sense of what the temperature really is in your area. Now for this to work, other's in your area need to be using the application as well. For myself there's about 5 more individual that are using the app and it's interesting to see the temperature various that you get in different areas.

The app offers different options like are you indoor, outdoor and this can make a big difference in the information provided by to the network. The app makes use of native phone sensors to display local atmospheric readings, which are then displayed on the weather map.

If you'd like to have some fun and have time to waste why not install it play with it and see for yourself.