#TipoftheWeek - Using the new Android Device Manager

So, the Android Device Manager is here... what does that mean?

It means that we now have an 'overseer' for our device.  Something that sits in our own little corner of Google that lets us see where the phone is (or was, depending on when it last accessed the GPS).

Handy if you can't find it, and want to know if it IS at home, or did I leave it at the office?  What else can it do?

If you want help finding it, you can tap the 'ring' button on the website:
(good idea to bookmark it)

When you tap ring, it'll make your device ring.

Even if it was turned to silent.  It'll override that.  The only thing is it won't turn on the device.  It's not quite there yet!  ...yet

The Erase button does what it says.  If you feel that your device is truly lost and in the hands of potentially nefarious beings, well, wipe the data so that they can't get your personal information.  I haven't been brave enough to try it out.

To enable it on your device you'll have to go into settings / security / device administrators

Then tick the 'android device manager'.

Good to go, now you can always have something to find your phone!