Sony teases us with Z1 for Sept 4 event

Get +Mark Lastiwka a drool bib, because Sony's now teasing us with more shots of their famed Z1.

It's in preparation for their launch event on the Sept 4th.  Now, they don't say Z1 anywhere... or Honami for that matter, but we all know.

Mark posted the video earlier on his G+, claiming Sony's just saying "fuck it".  A tongue in cheek expletive as to how there's been loads of rumours about this device, and leaked photos etc... that the best way to get in control of these kinds of things is to just 'own it'.

Now, as much as I hate rumours, this looks pretty near completion.  Sept 4th isn't too far away.

For me it's that G lens... 1/2.3" sensor means it's going to have bigger 'pixels' than the HTC One's ULTRA PIXELS.


Not much else is really 'known'.  Rumours are it's a 5" @ 1080p (as you would expect), a Snapdragon 800 (it's a hot chip lately).