OpenSignal - Watching your cell coverage

Open Signal's 3G/4G Coverage Maps app was my #appcoliseum pick from last week.  I thought I'd do it some justice as it kept crashing on me during the hangout (note: it's never done that to me before, or since... weird).

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My pick was based on the fact that I do have a pretty poor signal in my area, so I always like to take a look at not only the speeds I'm getting versus what the coverage is supposed to be.

Essentially, the app does exactly as you think it should.  It tells you your signal status, where the towers are and how good it should be.

It even includes a speedtester (goodbye

The testing even gives you some idea of what kind of quality you'll get out of various services.

Here's what I like, it's the maps.  Look at your proper coverage.  What's nice about this is it shows you the towers for your carrier, and you can compare to another carrier.  Kinda cool

 Yeah, TBay's still fairly new to the Bell game, so coverage isn't entirely grand.

It's got settings where it can track your signal strength and report it - sort of cloud source the quality control.  I hope the carriers are listening.

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