MultiPicture Live Wallpaper [An App Recommended For Me]

So, the other day I talked about the Play Store recommending some apps for me, and here's me giving one of them a try.

Cover artMultiPicture Live Wallpaper

I assume that it's suggested this because I've had a couple Live Wallpaper apps installed in my time.  Paperland Pro and Photosphere (both apps that have been suggested during our #appcoliseums)

The app does just as it suggests, it let's you put different pictures as your wallpaper.  What I liked to use it for is to put a different picture for each of my screens.

I like to organize my screens to have a different 'them' for each (i.e. one's my reading apps, the other is my entertainment, email and social media, etc...).  So each gets its own background.

So I ended up putting these 5 different pictures as my backgrounds.

You don't necessarily have to set individual pictures for each pane, but I like to customize.  There's options to use a folder or several plugins on the Play Store.

Then the backgrounds get their own transitions, just like your launcher has for what's ON the desktop (like widgets icons).

It's not perfect, and well, anything new takes some time to adjust, but I don't think that this recommendation for me was too far out of line.

Get it on Google Play

I'd recommend you go try one of your recommendations!