Looks like your Moto X's updates will be handled by carriers, not Google

So, Tom's really loving his Moto X, and it seems like most of the reviewers out there are.  They start off with a "no way can this be as good" after reading the whitepapers, and then are truly amazed after using.

Well, one thing I was really interested in finding out who would be handling the updates for this device.

See, for Nexus devices they're first in line to get the update.  Straight from Google (even if they do take some time to get through the rollout stages to get to you - for me it was almost a full week1).

For Google Play Editions (the S4 and One) they usually are a week or so after.  Even though it's stock Android, it's still not a 'true Nexus' so there's some work to ensure it works.

For all the rest it's down to the slow chain of command of Google -> OEM - > Carrier.

And usually it's the carrier that takes the longest.  Their claim is that they want to ensure it works on the networks (plus they're probably tweaking it to have all their bloat on it still work).

So with the Moto X we were wondering last week during the hangout where does it lay?

It's not a Nexus... it's not really a Play Edition... but it is from "Google" (in the sense that Google owns Motorola Mobility).

Well, on a post from +Punit Soni I asked him somewhat straight out.

Punit Soni
How do you get a Moto X in your pocket?


This page will be constantly updated with specific dates and other info. Also, you will be able to buy directly from motomaker.com soon.

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His answer was not a direct answer, but it gives us a hint:

Regarding Updates, we are committed to getting them to you as fast as possible and have to work with carriers.  ~Punit Soni

So, it looks like it will have to go through carriers.  But it does look like eventually we may get the "Moto Maker".

Good move or no?