Kindle app Hangout #44

There are many e-reader apps out there and I've been using most of them as I recover from my broken ankle. As I switch back and forth I find I enjoy using the Kindle App the most. The experience is optimized for both phone and tablet use.

I've been using the Kindle app for a long time. I first tried it because I hoped my purchases from Mobi-reader (Palm) would cross over but they didn't.While I resisted using it for quite a while in the end the wide availability of sci-fi/fantasy authors as well as self published stories drew me in.

The reading experience is very good. You have the choice of backgrounds and can set the kerning, font size and margins. As a fast reader I want as much text on a page as possible so I'm not constantly changing pages - especially if I'm using the volume control buttons to change pages. The page transition is simply slide which is what I usually set by readers to because it's fast. Settings do not sync which is good because small text on my tablet is more readable than small text on my device.

Difference between phone and tablet device is mostly the store experience. With the tablet I am taken to the site rather than a mobile site. I like looking at book cover art so I tend to browser books using my tablet. Amazon does a good job of recommending for me since I have lots of purchases through them.

Since Amazon bought goodreads I was hoping for integration like they've introduced for Audible. I'm not much for social reading experience but I enjoy checking reviews before trying a new author.

Pros: large store with competitive prices, easy pre-order, wide range of self publishing, tablet optimized reading experience, syncs across devices, can be set as default PDF reader

Cons: harder than it should be to import purchases from other sources. Can't close the book at end to reset your progress to zero.

Alternative e-reading app - Kobo because it scans and imports epub files from even dropbox.