Just made it easier to enter our End of Summer Giveaway

So, I took +Mark Lastiwka's advice and made a tab up on our blog for our Giveaways (here's hoping there'll be more than one)

In doing that, I thought it time as we're getting nearer to the end of the End of Summer Giveaway that it become easier to enter.  (check our social media pages, we might have just also given out an extra secret word to use)

[August 15 - September 1]
Winner will be announced on September 2

To enter:

1. Like / follow / circle the Android Coliseum page
2. Tweet / post publicly tagging us (so we can see it) sharing the URL for the giveaway

3. Post should also include the 'secret' word that you'd hear in our Friday Night Hangout
And that's it.  We'll log and capture all the entries.