Jamison UCCW custom home screen

Jamison UCCW Skin from John Nada

Unfortunately this UCCW theme isn't free. The play store link will cost you 2$. But it is definitely worth the little investment. This is what the design looks like after I was done playing with it.

The setup is quite simple. It all depends what you want in the end. Here are the possible widgets offered in this theme.

1. Battery and date
2. Camera
3. Chrome
4. Clock
5. Facebook
6. Google+
7. Gallery
8. Games
9. Gmail
10. Imdb
11. Maps
12. Music
13. News
14. Notepad
15. Phone
16. Play
17. Search bar
18. SMS
19. Twitter
20. Weather
21. Youtube

These are all options that can be configured for your screen. As noted above.

I’m using Nova Launcher Prime which is the pay version on the Play Store but you can easily do this with Nova Launcher and Apex Launcher with no problems at all.

Go into the Nova Settings and change the desktop grid size to allow 12 rows and 12 columns.

Set the Width margin to none and the Height margin to none.

Uncheck the “show shadows” box.

Remove all the home screens except for one. But then again that’s entirely up to you.

Scroll effect to none, wallpaper scrolling to off and uncheck infinite scroll.

Go to the advanced section and make sure to check “resize all widgets” it will definitely help you.

Uncheck enable dock in the dock section.

Under the look and feel uncheck “show notification bar”.

Let’s configure the gestures else you miss out on functions. Set the Swipe Up to App Drawer and Swipe Down Expand Notification. With this completed your launcher is setup for the next part which is setting up the UCCW elements.

Now click and hold your finger on your screen anywhere you want. Scroll all the way down and select UCCW and select a 4x2 widget.

In the following menu UCCW will ask you which element you want and from this part you can select whichever one you want to place on the screen like Battery and Date and what not. Resize it and place it where you want it on the screen. Simply repeat the same process for each widget elements from UCCW that you’d like.

*** If for whatever reason you don’t seem to be able to see the themes pack, the developer is aware of this bug in Jellybeans and if you do email him he will advise but there’s a WORK AROUND. Using Titanium Backup (root required) you can uninstall the theme pack and then restore it “APP + DATA” fixes the problem.