HTC One Google Edition 4.3 OTA Now Live!

Update: Since this post went live about an hours ago, it has now been confirmed that the official OTA is now flying to devices right now! Happy Hunting people!

Amazing news hit the internet just a few hours ago. Pretty much everyone is tweeting this and posting about it, so surely you've caught a bit of this news already. HTC has officially released the source for their Kernel and Framework files to the public, this means wonderful things are coming.

Basically HTC has released everything someone needs to start building their Google Edition roms, they just need to get the 4.3 Source which is easy enough. The kernel belongs to the software version 3.06.1700.10 that we've been seeing rumors about with the famous bluetooth SIG we seen nearly a month ago.

According to AndroidCentral Samsung hasn't released anything for the S4 yet, so it appears HTC might get the first swing at official 4.3 OTAs to their devices at this point.

HTC has not posted an official OTA at this time either, but with the source files popping up, it's only a matter of time. Who knows, you could even have a pleasant surprise when you wake up tomorrow morning.

Source: Android Central