Halo 2.0 unveiled - great floating multitasking

I'm a big fan of +Paranoid Android.  Been some cool stuff - PIE controls and then HALO.  Some neat stuff.

Well, they've improved it now to 2.0 and it looks pretty bad assed.  This will be included on PA 3.97

If you're unfamiliar with HALO, the idea is take Facebook Messeneger's chat heads as a notifier and turn it into a multitasker.

Watch the vid:

Their G+ post is below.

Paranoid Android
PA 3.97 -- HALO 2.0 --

First public preview. This opens up a whole new spectrum and this may even be interesting for plug-ins and add-ons.
HALO shows the actual notifications now, not just a lame text. The coolest thing, it supports multitouch so you can go in there and interact with these notifications while you task. It's easier than you may think, in the worst case you use two hands or don't interact - just lift the finger as always and you get your floating window.
There are tons of improvements and details in this one, too many to list right now.
This is a major shift from the original code-base so screw-ups could happen. This was only tested on Mako (Nexus 4 in default size). If maintainers build this for other devices, see if it works for you please.
Should we see anything bad we'll heal it asap as always.

Other changes
- Quick Settings: Option to use floating window
- MMS: Option to switch on screen automatically (+Francisco Franco made this for us, we think making features suits him well)
- ParanoidOTA bugfixes (still beta, sorry)
- Bionic/Krait/CAF optimizations

Gapps 0815
Updated Google+ to v4.1.0.50809204
Updated Google Play Store to v4.3.11 - Included Fixes may help with 'Package File Invalid' Error
Updated Google Play Music to v5.1.1109K.772337
Updated Google Play Books to v2.9.21


Rolling out in the next couple of hours/days.

GAPPS 0815