Google Play Music in Canada

So after Canadians have been getting shafted for so long by Google, it looks like we'll be getting a little love from Google Music after all.

It's been long awaited that Google Music would be available to Canadians, as we've had the Google Music app for so long, but just missing the functionality of it is just a tease to its Canadian users.

This tip comes in from +MobileSyrup starting off as a rumor is starting to look more and more legit. 
It's said by the end of August, Canadians will gain Google Play Music's All Access features at the price of $9.99 per month.

Some Canadians like myself, Thanks to +Ryan Moore have found a little trick to getting Google Play Music's streaming ability to work in Canada by simple manipulation and an American Visa Gift Card and so forth. 
What All Access does is give you additional features to your existing 20,000 song allowance to be stored on the cloud. Your 20,000 songs is totally separate from your Google Drive, so there's no worry about occupying your precious space with all your music. All Access gives you millions of songs and albums on demand, along with playlists and artist-based radio stations.

Of course these are words of mouth, and here at +Android Coliseum we try to stay away from rumors the best we can. However, this one seems to be very reliable, therefore I feel pretty confident posting about it

(Source - MobileSyrup)