Download Moto X Smart Screen Notifications

Do you want to get the Smart Screen Notifications that the Moto X has? Now you can to some skillful developers.

I followed this App development before it even made its way to the Google Play Store. It starts a week or two ago on XDA and it was full of bugs, but day by day he ironed them out and has turned in to this great piece of work.

It's free to use with options to get additional features for a small payment, but in my opinion there's nothing worth paying for just as yet.

Currently ActiveNotifications only works on Android OS 4.3, which means all Google Edition devices, Nexus Devices, and CM10.2 Roms. ActiveNotifications does not require root, so any device running 4.3 can take part in it. According the XDA page where this app originated from, the developer is currenting running Alpha testing getting this app to work on 4.1.2+. Until then, only OS 4.3 may use this.

So if you're looking for a little Moto X flavor, you seriously need to check this out. It works best on devices with AMOLED screens.

Get it on Google Play