Back to School - Fall 2013 : Must have apps

Fellow Canadian Androiders it's almost time for Back to School and for some of you it's already a reality. I was thinking of putting a post with various tools I have on my Tablet that can be used to improve you're return to School.

I'd like to make a mention for Kingsoft Offiice (Free), in my opinion this is one of the better apps I've came across for creating, editing, maintaining documents. Why pay an insane amount of money when alternate apps are out there and will do exactly what you need them for.

What makes this different then any other option out there comes down to providing rich features for free, a stable usability, special interfaces for your various needs and let's not forget the support for 23 different type of files including the most popular format DOC/DOCX/TXT/XLS/XLSX/PPT/PPTX/PDF. There's a built-in file manager for your convenience which will make your life easier on finding the exact file that you'd like to work with.

Since a lot of you are using cloud storage, Kingsoft Office makes it easy for you to access your file via these platforms. It has support for Google Drive, Dropbox, and any other WebDAV service using that protocol.

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If you have to maintain books there's an easy solution to that, Google Play Books may actually hold some titles you'll need for your school year. What can I not say about this excellent application from Google? Major bonus is that's it's free and tied into your Google Account.

There's not a lot more you need to know about this application. It's what I use to hold my small collection of books and some classics. It's one of things I like about Google Play Books it keeps everything I need and where I left off with ease. Enough said!

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There's also a really big note taking application out there, Evernote! I don't think there's anything near or close to what Evernote is able to deliver. It's pretty hard to beat something that's free, rich, full of features and keeps your notes synced with all your devices.

You can go about taking your notes, capturing pictures, doing searches among all of your items, stay focused and organized the entire time. Whatever you can think of, Evernote applies to it. You're doing a research and you'd like to get a snap of what is displayed? Take a picture of the whiteboard, add your notes and bingo it's done!

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As a student you probably have a busy schedule between classes, work, friends and parties? right? What about your regular student planner you may carry around? It can be annoying, cumbersome etc. Ever thought of grabbing app that would do just that? Ok ok.... I know that most of you probably don't use one, but it is great to have when it's needed.

myHomework Student Planner aims to do just that. It's beautiful, easy to work with, reliable and the best part it's FREE! This is required when your memory isn't good on the morning of a long day especially when you went out the night before. It offers everything you would need from a planner, homework organizer, class schedule, widget for easy onscreen access and you can even sync it for all of your other devices.

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