All-in-One Agenda = AWESOME! [UPDATE]

Let's revisit a favorite agenda of mine that is used a widget on your home screen. Since I wrote this article changes were made and some improvement have came through.

I've suggested additional changes to the developer and provided tips in how to market the app better.

I did suggest that they allow for the transparency to be changed to whatever level the end user is comfortable with VS having it predefined. I pointed that the tabs on the sides could be moved to the bottom or the top of the widget to allow for more space while this is being used on a smartphone.

I also indicated that they should have a more social presence online on Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc, to be able to interact with the community and understand what people are looking for in this application.

What else do you think is needed for you guys to adopt this as your daily agenda?

There’s a new agenda app on the Google Play Store and I haven’t been so excited about an agenda app in a long time. All-in-One Agenda has managed to achieve that hands down. Why am I saying it’s hands down?

For starters it’s not your usual agenda it’s actually a widget. The craft of it is simple but awesome. Everything you need right there, looks good, it’s free and has other features which are actually an in-app purchase but don’t worry if you get a new phone or have to re-install the purchase it's tied to your account for easy restore. For myself I’ve created multiple calendars within my Google account and I have one for events, birthdays, appointments and meetings. This saves me from having to buy into the extra features it offers such as gathering birthday information, Facebook events etc.

While keeping me on track it also shows information icon to let me know if I have an event reminder to let me know that this event will popup when time comes. If your incline to buy into some of the features you'll get the bar that offers, time, date and weather, Facebook, smart birthdays...

This for me right now is the APP to get for people who keep track of events, birthdays and more.