Tip of the week - uninstall updates

Sometimes you go to use an app and all it does is force close - that is close and give a message indicating it's no longer working. If it worked and now it doesn't you have a few options to try, all you have to do is dig into the Application Manager from the Settings.

The first thing you want to try doing is clearing the cache. Just like on your computer, sometimes something gets saved that will make a program not launch. When you open the App(lication Manager) section it shows the apps running. Swipe to the the right until to get the All tab. Swipe downs to find your app then press on it to open the App Info screen.

Now you have options.

In the storage section you'll see how much space your app uses and how much data it has stored. This data stays until you erase it. If you press on the Clear Data button, this will clear any log in data for specific use apps. In the next section you can clear the cache. By storing data in the cache, the application can run more smoothly. Kind of like having a glass by a sink to get a drink  instead of having to go to the cupboard each time. Sometimes this data gets messed up or just full (too many glasses at the sink). Clearing the cache can make the application work better as it collects the data over.

If this doesn't clear things up you can uninstall and reinstall any apps you have installed OR you can Uninstall Updates for pre-installed apps. Uninstalling updates take the app back to factory settings without having to do a complete factory reset.

Factory resets are always the last resort. Clearing the cache, clearing data and rolling back updated on pre-installed apps can help avoid that.