Rescue Me - fun game for phones

I probably had the worst demo ever. First AirDroid failed then I couldn't even share a screen through hangouts. Rescue Me - the Adventures is a fun maze based game that definitely didn't get a good start.

The premise is pretty easy, use your finger to drag 4 people from one edge of the screen to the other. Too fast and you drop them, too slow you run out of time. Don't hit any of the extra objects, like cliffs, birds and other things or your people get knocked off! You do get some chances to save them but you must act quickly. There are several themes. So far I've only placed the jungle level and some of the city but as you progress through the game there are more challenges. It gets time limited so you have to move more than one person to safety at a time using staging points. I'm looking forward to storms, volcanoes and mysterious cities :)

Pros - It's a nice change from the endless running games and it does take some skill to get everyone to safety. It works well on the smaller screen size of a phone as well as on a tablet. I'm finding more games suit one screen size better than another. The graphics are really nice and the animation is smooth. Great games for all ages.

Cons - It's a freemium game. I could have paid 99 cents pretty early to get rid of the ads the ads don't bug me as much as the constant nagging to log in to Facebook. Since I don't have an account that's not going to happen.

I would purchase this if it gave me another chance and purchasing got rid of the nags. This is the perfect type of game to have with the Google Play Services so hopefully this will be included in a future update.

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