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Nexus 4 OS 4.3.0 Leaked

Yeah... We're nearly a day late to this story, that's what happens when we're all full time working family men and women :P

So the story that's being told is apparently a Nexus 4 was bought off craigslist that had the unreleased 4.3 OS on it. I personally don't believe everything I read such as this, but all that aside, OS 4.3 was found and a system dump was made.

The members at XDA doing what XDA members do, a flashable built was very quickly slapped together. It's currently unknown at this time if it's totally stable, but it's most certainly for download.

If you got some guts and a drive for the latest and greatest, you can find flashable OS 4.3.0 via XDA Here.
Reporting your finding would be awesome too for the rest of us to drool over.
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