Google Maps's "Explore" feature not available in Canada, eh?

So it's been out a week or so, and I didn't notice this part of the update... my excuse was I was camping, but still...

Thanks to +Ryan Lestage for helping to point it out to me.  +Google Maps's new update for 'explore' just isn't working in Canada.

What the fudge?  Again with the anti-Canadian love, Google?

In Ryan's post he shared with me and we checked out some cities on a hangout.

Just about every city we tried out for the US it worked.  I did find that Minocqua, WI; and Ryan tried Mt. Vernon, WA - those were the only 2 we found that didn't work (probably others, but those are pretty small cities).

Whereas nothing in Canada worked AT ALL. Not even Toronto - the 4th largest city in North America... nothing pops up.

Just in case you're not sure of what we mean, do this.  Search for some US city... say Minneapolis, or Newark.  Then clear the search term out by hitting the X, then just tap the search bar (with the map centred on that city).

 Give it a second and you'll see "explore" as one of the cards that pops up.  Tap it and it's a rich full list of different types of 'places'.  Very pretty.

Ryan says that it's also working in the UK in some cities (just trying some small towns there and it's about half and half).  Even some of Europe (France, Germany, ... but not Bruges... want to visit there someday).

Another in the list of features that we get left out of - even after we were finally let into "Field Trip".

I sent a message to Google to ask for an 'explanation', (I mean really... Germany's allowed in and they're the biggest worry warts when it comes to privacy and Google).  I'll let you know if I hear something.