FaceBook Beta Finally Kill Menu Bar on HTC Devices

Thank God! Facebookers may rejoice as the Beta Version of FaceBook finally updated to remove the on screen menu bar at the bottom of newer HTC Devices such as the One X and One.

As a HTC One user, this was a huge problem and a massive oversight. FaceBook, one of the more popular apps on all mobile devices, and they still haven't fully integrated Android's on screen menu style. This causes the little menu bar to appear on your Nexus navigational bar on the right side, and ever worse for us HTC users, an entire bar at the bottom of our screen.

I'm happy to announce that FaceBook Beta finally updated and fixed this issue. What else did they change you may ask, does it matter? Fixing that damn flaw is more than enough in itself lol.
So the normal FaceBook users are not out of the woods yet, however you can easily join the beta group too by following the simple steps:

Thanks to Android Police for posting this How-To.