Android Pro Widgets Stock Google Theme

A few months ago I feature Android Pro Widgets on +Android Coliseum as one of my must have apps on any of my Android devices. Now I'm going to show you how I use Android Pro Widgets to keep everything looking Google style.

Android Pro Widgets is this amazing multi tool widget that handles the following tasks:

  • Calendar
  • People / Contacts
  • Bookmarks
  • Messages
  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • Timeline (Facebook + Twitter together)
And all of these widgets are totally themeable, (providing you got the paid version of the APW). Using a free theme called APW Theme Modern ICS is how I keep my phone looking Google.

So as you can see above is Google's stock Gmail Widget, but what they lack similar style of widgets for many of their other applications

APW Theme Modern ICS gives you the ability to keep all the widgets and launcher pages in total uniformity, matching Google's natural look.
You can download APW Theme Modern ICS here for free, however you'll have to already own the paid license key for Android Pro Widgets to apply the theme.

Hope this keeps all you Googlers happy!