Android Belt Buckles

For the Android enthusiast that has to collect everything, we've found interesting belt buckles to add to your collection.

As an Android user and lover I need to have everything Android and I'm totally thinking about ordering this. My wife love steampunk and this really caught her eye.

However, it's quite pricey at about $35 each + tax for this buckle.
you can find this at Zazzle

Perhaps you're more of the conservative type when it comes to money. on eBay there's this less expensive Android Buckle I came across running about $20 after shipping. Clearly not as cool looking, but still a great way to show off your geeky side and boast Android where you stand.

I'm simply addicted to eBay and Android related items, so I like to share from time to time. Let the community know what appeals to you and if you bought either of these.