All that Google released today [4.3, et. al.]

So, unfortunately I didn't get a chance to watch the event live, so I got my news somewhat delayed, but thanks to +Mark Lastiwka he took some notes for me.  Currently I'm watching the video, so if there's more to add than what Mark shared, I'll let you know.  Hrmm... having to watch snippets as the youtube link is now dead.

Here's Mark's shorthand notes:
(what was your favourite bit?)

So, here's my recap:

Jelly Bean 4.3
Tablet's MultiUser features got better support with finer controls on the guest accounts).
 - 4.0 support
OpenGL ES 3.0 support
DRM API (ooh, true HD out of services like Netflix)
Background Wifi Location (i.e. you can set it to only scan for Wifi when it needs to for location services, but not have to connect to something - this is something you can set up per app).
Auto-complete for the dialer (FINALLY!)
Computerworld has a good breakdown of all the minor features.  What's neat is that it's nothing 'groundbreaking'.  As we've discussed in our hangouts - Android is such a mature system now it's just perfect o have only some polishing work! 

Go and download the factory images for your Nexus 4/7/10 or Galaxy Nexus here:

New Nexus 7
Just like the old one, but now...2mm thinner
Bezel is reduced so it's now 6mm narrower
50g less weight
5MP / 1.2MP
1.5GHz S4 Pro
30% better colour range
HDMI out
Wireless charging
Dual stereo speakers with Virtual surround sound 
16GB ($229) / 32GB ($269) / 32GB+4GLTE ($349)

New App - Play Games
Just an app to 'house' all your Games and the Google Play Services (i.e. leaderboards, players, games that have that option, etc...)

Google Play Textbooks
A natural evolution of books, in my mind.  Who really brings those pieces of old dead trees around anyways?

This is awesome as I'm going to the US this weekend, so I hope to pick one up!

Essentially plug a dongle into your TV and you control what goes to it via your Android/iOS/laptop...  Now, it appears to be app specific (i.e. it's not just a strictly screen mirrorer).  But still... $35