Where to turn when you have an Android mystery to solve [poll results]

I just love solving riddles and mysteries, and our portable tech is just the latest in our modern day troubleshooting gems.  So many little things to keep on top of... and how do you stay on top, or where do you turn when something goes wrong?

That was the question I posed last week.  Here's how you answered:

So the scenario is something like this:  some strange error turns up on your phone that you just don't know what to do with it.

What do you do next?  Where do you turn for Android assistance?

Here's the graph of your choices:

If that's a little hard to see (sorry, Google Forms doesn't really make high resolution graphs) here's the numbers:

I have a friend I can always call
I have someone on a social network I can message/email
Carrier / Store I bought it
OEM support site
Specific site
Google search for anything

So the popular choice is clearly Google, and then followed closely by a specific site.  Little to no surprise that the specific site everybody put in was XDA.  What a treasure trove that site can be.

The few 'other' answers were either direct sites people put in or trolls answering with "Genius Bars".

I find it quite funny that NOBODY goes to the carrier or store they bought it from, nor the OEM site.  Interesting.