Sony Announces new Google TV NSZ-GS8

So a while back I had a poll on who had bought a Google TV unit.  True enough, in Canada, there's going to be some pretty biased answers.  We've really only had the Sony GS7 as a model that we can purchase.

Due to that the answer was roughly 25% said they had bought one, and of those half said they wouldn't buy another.  Dire news for Google TV.  It's always been that quasi-step-sibling of Android.  But it's still part of the ecosystem, and Sony really did make a good unit (ask +Mark Lastiwka or +Tom Gray).

Recently Sony announced the next generation of their set top boxes for Googleyness - the NSZ-GS8.

The device this year is not much of a great upgrade, except that remote now comes with the microphone portion built in (whereas it was optional later on for the GS7).

Check it out at the Sony store.  No word on pricing or availability as of yet... but we hope soon!