Possible Kill Switches in Future Smartphones?

Last month I posted an article about phone theft and its alarming increasing numbers. If you missed that article, you can Find It Here.
Now I see on some headlines that kill switches inside our phones may be within our future.

According to NDTV, the city of San Francisco plans to meet with industry representatives to urge them to install switches to disable stolen smartphones.
The whole idea behind this is to prevent thieves from targeting your phone in the first place. You'd be able to report your phone stolen and have it disabled.

Currently there's no word on how far they'd like the kill switch to go, weather it'd be a simple carrier ban, or total system lock down preventing any use what so ever, or any chance of recovering.
Of course this is just a simple idea prosecutors are pushing to have installed on phones and we'll not likely see this change immediately or at all, but what if we could decide to have it or not?

If given the choice, would you have all phones equipped with kill switches?

Before you answer too fast, be warned that having this inside your phone also holds risk, as it wouldn't take very long for some smarty pants at XDA to figure out how to launch an attack disabling ones phone at will forcing the phone into a security lock down.