[Poll Results] Your take on phone colours - do they matter?

So, is the typical Android user (i.e. those reading this blog) colour blind, or does the colour of the device play an important role in the buying decision?

That was the topic from last week's poll.  Let's see how you answered:

There definitely could have been some follow up questions, as some pointed out, but I like to keep the data simple.

So, as to the decision of whether colour matters:

Doesn't matter at all926%
Matters a little (but I can put a case on it)1029%
Matters some720%
Definitely matters - if it's not in stock, I don't buy823%

And as a graph:

the 'other' in this case is one who answered "So long as it ISN'T white"

I gotta say, I didn't expect to see such a near even split.  I guess when you look at it, most probably don't mind so long as it ISN'T some weird colour.

Thanks for answering!