New Gmail 4.5

It begins!

Google's releasing a new update to an app, and while we aren't getting it yet (haven't heard of anyone in Canada getting it yet), we're still seeing that it IS updated, at least according to the play store.

Kinda aggrevating.

Yesterday's app update to Gmail now pulls it in line with the web version now with a new 'easy filter' for your inbox.... etc...

Some cool eye candy for you... if you can get it.
So what does this update fully bring?

  • More options in the slide out nav bar (i.e. the social / promotions / updates / 
  • all commands are now at the top (and you can go into the settings to change 'archive' to 'delete')
  • pull down to refresh
  • Avatars are visible, and when no avatar, the first letter of the contact (I'm just trying ot get a folder where it can spell out funny words)

What we don't see yet is being able to contact your groups... c'mon!!!  Formatting... c'MONNN!!!

Let us know if you 'organically' get the update.

For those who haven't, Android Police have you covered.