IMDb [App Review]

I love my wife.  As such, whenever you tend to love anything you tend to come up with some funny pet names for them.  One of my wife's names - is not really a 'pet name', it's one she's earned for sure - PCM.  Or Pop Culture Mandy.

Remember 'pop up video'?  It was one of her favourite shows.  One of her great many talents is that she seemingly knows a TON about pop culture and specifically about actors/actresses.  We can't watch a movie without her knowing most of the cast, most of what they were all in.  She could almost replace Google.

Me? I'm good with faces, but I just couldn't tell you where or when I saw them last.  I'm also good with names, but no way can I get those two things to connect.  This is why I need my wife... and when she's not around I use IMDb.

There's just no way I could store that data in my brain.  And even Googling with Now sometimes just isn't fast enough to comprehend all the little minutiae that I would want to get out of it.

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So here's the base gist of this app.  It's a HUGE database... the name give it away -- Internet Movie Database.  I'm sure you've heard of it before:

The idea is they've logged every movie and actor/actress/producer ever... Well, maybe not ever.  But they do have my sister in law in there (but they didn't list her work on Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer or the work she did for one of the Twilight movies).

They even have trivia and stuff on movies and TV shows.  It's pretty awesome if you love databases (like I do).

The main page (though I dont' stick around too long).  But if you're signed in you can add movies to a 'watch list' or a notification list (tho' I'm sure if they're movies you WANT to watch, or HAVE watched).

Where I (and I suppose, possibly you as well) will spend the time is doing a search

Then getting the movie you want

From here you can see the cast (and go directly to their page), or bits of trivia.

If it's a TV show you can get the list of the episodes.

And go into a specific episode and look up that cast (which is what I find myself doing all the time). For example, I just had to know who the one character was in the "Hotel Inspectors" episode of Fawlty Towers.  Mr. Hutchinson look AWFULLY familiar.

They say he's most known for those... but I know him as...

bonus points to those who know the character
Maybe I just watch movies a different way than most, but I see familiar faces and I HAVE TO know who they are.

And there's so much more.  For movies it lets you watch trailers, ties in your reviews, has forums, etc...  If there's a feature you like, but I missed, put it in the comments below!

If you're like me, go download this app now... watching TV or movies won't ever be the same (plus, you might start to win some games of trivia night!)

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