HTC One Gets 4.2.2 Update

Update #2: So all the chatter and rumours turned out to be true and ROMs on XDA are popping up all over the place using this new 4.2.2. The things I've found so far are:

  • Buttons and closing/opening apps are more responsive
  • Battery Saver Bar removed from Notification Window
  • Battery % now has an option to be displayed on status bar without mods
  • Home button now has a Long Press for menu and swipe up for Google Now
  • More Lock Screen Options
  • 4.2.2 Toggles in Status bar, which the HTC One was lacking.
  • + much much more.

(Updated): I now found proof that's it's launching today. Link found below.

If you haven't rooted your HTC One and flashed any of these ROMs yet, you're truly missing out.

So clearly you know by now I'm totally crazy for my HTC One, and any news related to it.
The latest gossip is HTC One coming out with 4.2.2 VERY soon.

XDA Link:

Now, here at +Android Coliseum we try to avoid rumours the best we can and stick to facts, but sometimes things get a little too juicy for us to keep our fingers off of.

A few weeks ago word got out that HTC was planning on rolling out Android OS 4.2.2 to their new flagship phone the HTC One. The planned release would take in a few weeks of the explosion of news. Clearly HTC is releasing it for the International Unbranded versions first and it'll be up to our carriers to push it to us for that additional waiting time that we're all so use to seeing. A few weeks have passed since those words dropped on the internet, and now I'm seeing a lot of buzz claiming 4.2.2 will be dropping today for the HTC One, but not as an OTA.

It's a little unclear where this is coming from at the moment, but it's said you'll see 4.2.2 appear in custom Sense ROMs on XDA which will include Sense 5.0 and not the rumoured 5.1 with the obvious 4.2.2 enhancements. Being that our North American models fit the international hardware specs, we Canadians will also take advantage of this, assuming you've already unlocked you're bootloader and rooted your device.

I for one will be keeping a close eye on the ROM situation on XDA as I'm always hovering around there, and I'll report back with further details should I see ROMs start to appear.