Google's Own Keyboard Now On Google Play

Are you one of those people who absolutely love the stock Google experience? Well we've got some good news for you! Google as released their Keyboard for all to use. So no matter if you're  stuck on Touchwiz, Sense, or other UI you'll be able to use Google's own stock keyboard.

Google's keyboard has been available on the Google Play Store for quite a while now, but always as a 3rd party app mimicking the keyboard, or simply porting the APK over to your phone, but now you have the official app.

This also means you'll get Google's keyboard advancements almost immediately. The way Google has been updating and releasing a plethora of Google apps, we're nearly at that point where people can basically download everything to give themselves the stock Nexus feel without actually owning a Nexus.

This is truly an amazing thing Google is putting together, this way they'll be able to update portions of the OS without actually updating the entire OS to fix simple bugs or add features.

In my opinion, the stock Google keyboard is the next best thing to SwiftKey, but you be the judge. Download Google Keyboard below for free and try for yourself.

    Get it on Google Play